Car dealerships navigate reopening showrooms

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - When governor Polis's Stay at Home order was in effect, car dealerships had to close down their showrooms. They were met the challenge of trying to sell cars without any face-to-face interaction. Dealerships depended more on online and phone purchases. For Discovery Auto Group, the shutdown and even still has shown the shift to tech-dependency within the industry.

"That's where the business has been going for the last decade, with the internet and people's access to everything on their phones and facetime with someone four hundred miles away. [The closure of showrooms] was not a halt, it was a pivot," says Chris Haugen,
General Manager of Discovery Auto Group

Now that they're open again, how does it look?

If you enter Discovery Auto Group's showroom, you'll see things like pamphlets and pens removed from tables to avoid unnecessary contact.They're sanitizing cars before and after test drives and also encouraging folks to wear masks into the showrooms.

Dealerships are also adhering to capacity caps and you'll probably see reminders to 'keep your six feet' posted around.