Fruita retailer coordinates mask production for local hospitals

FRUITA, Colo. (KJCT) - A Fruita retailer is putting idle hands to work for our local medical professionals.

Rhema Music and Clothing Co. on Aspen street has been hard at work coordinating volunteers to make masks while they're shut down. People can drop off material and pick up what they need to sew their own. They give about 300 masks a day to local hospitals. They're coordinating with Grand Junction Mutual Aid Mask Force to make sure that every medical facility in the valley gets what they need.

"The outpouring has just been really cool. It's therapeutic for the people that are sewing they know that they're doing something good. It's just such a weird time right now, so it's good on both ends. It gives them something to do, they're putting their efforts and talents towards it and on the other end, it's actually serving good to the nurses and medical professionals," says James Williams of Rhema Music and Clothing Co.

If you work in the healthcare industry and need masks or want to help sew, you can contact Rhema Music and Clothing Co. on their Facebook page.