Aspen resident describes his COVID-19 experience

ASPEN, Colo. (KJCT)- "The cough is the most debilitating thing, I wouldn't wish that on anybody," says 49-year-old Aspen resident John Borie, who tested positive for COVID-19.

Borie is just one of the thousands of Coloradans that have contracted the virus.

His symptoms started appearing on March 26, two days after he traveled through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on his way back from Hawaii. Borie suspects he contacted and was infected with the virus at the airport in Hawaii or in Washington state.

Once back in Colorado, Borie received a swab test from the Aspen Insitute, and he was alerted via email that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was detected in his system.

"Breathing is bad, getting out of bed is bad, eating, nothing tastes like anything," Borie said in a Facebook video that was posted on March 28.

In explaining the swab test, Borie says the swab goes through the nose until it feels like it hits a bone. He says after the first couple of inches that it's not bad at all, as the swab is going through mostly "cloudy fluid."

Borie says the initial symptom was his horrendous cough, which materialized into achy joints, and a 102+ degree fever, which he finally broke on April 4.

In self-isolation and on the mend, Borie's message is to take this thing seriously, and as he mentions in his Facebook video, "If you have that shy, introverted friend, maybe reach out to them, have them check in with you every couple of days."

Here is the initial video John posted to Facebook describing his symptoms.

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