Delta county working to lower jail population due to COVID-19

DELTA, Colo. (KJCT) - Numbers in Colorado jails are dropping all over the state as sheriff’s offices work to minimize the coronavirus risk to inmates.

While some counties are implementing early release to lower populations, others are working within the legal framework to keep as many people as possible out of jail. The Delta County Sheriff’s Office says numbers in their jail are down and they’re working to practice social distancing among inmates. When we talked to Sheriff Mark Taylor earlier this week, he said he would not be considering early release for inmates.

“Our local law enforcement has worked fantastic with this as far as trying to keep our numbers in the jail down to a manageable number as far as summonsing and releasing rather than custodial arrest,” says Delta County Sheriff Mark Taylor.

Sheriff Taylor says even in working to keep those numbers down, there’s always room for those who pose a danger to the community.