Mesa County Republican Convention goes online due to COVID-19

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Mesa County Republicans had to do their annual convention a little differently this year because of COVID-19.

They opted to livestream their convention on Facebook and YouTube in order to comply with emergency health regulations.

In years past, Mesa County Republicans have seen a turnout of almost a thousand... but guests were not allowed to attend today. They had to adhere to just 10 people in a room so candidates and delegates were rotated in and out of the building. Their response to the COVID-19 pandemic will likely set a precedent for others counties in the state.

"We want people to actually physically show up and participate. There's certainly quite a bit that's lost in the fact that we can't do it with hundreds of people present but the success we've had today and the success we anticipate with the voting going forward will definitely help other counties making that decision if they've struggled with it,” says
Alden Savoca, second vice chairman of the Mesa County Republican Party.

The convention is still available on YouTube here:

After hearing a little about the candidates, Delegates will be mailing in their ballots next week.

They'll be counted on Saturday the 28th and will determine the nomination and designation for the June 30th primary.