City of GJ works to support community during COVID-19 pandemic

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Officials with the City of Grand Junction got together this morning to discuss COVID-19 and their plans to support the community through this pandemic.

City officials began to plan for this situation about a month ago. Today's discussion was twofold: working to support the local economy and to continue essential city services.

Economically, the City is working to mitigate problems posed to local businesses from state and national guidelines; businesses like gyms, restaurants, and other industries where tele-work just isn't an option. City Council is looking at an economic support package on Monday. The City also discussed their commitment to continuing to provide essential city services.

“For our employees, [we’re] making sure our facilities are clean and sanitized, increased cleaning, we want to make sure we have the proper protective equipment for our EMTs, firefighters, and police officers that are responding out in the community,” says Fire Chief and Incident Commander Ken Watkins.

The City says they want to hear from you about your concerns. You can reach out to them online with questions here:

The City implemented the Incident Command System, or ICS, about two weeks ago. It's a national system that organizes different entities to efficiently deal with an incident, like COVID-19.

Like today demonstrated, implementing ICS enables community leaders from all areas to collaborate and deal with the issue at hand.