Local group heads to the State Capitol for LGBTQ Lobby Day

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Every year, One Colorado makes a trip to the Capitol for the LGBTQ Lobby Day, and they headed east the morning of Feb.23, 2020.

One Colorado says they're taking fifty people to the capitol this year, which is the largest turnout they've seen. They say the numbers are indicative of folks wanting to make their voices heard.

This group is heading to the Front Range to talk with lawmakers on Monday. They want to talk specifically about the Prep bill, which deals with access to HIV preventative drugs, a foster care bill, as well as banning the Trans Panic legal defense. They want to make sure their voices are heard not only as members of the LGBTQ community, but also as Western Coloradans. For Leslie Bruce, who is a mother of a transgender child, this trip is a personal one.

“We’ve been fighting this fight since she decided that’s who she was. We spend our time making sure the laws help her and make sure that she can grow up being who she is without having any problems,” says Bruce.

One Colorado credits this record turnout to what they believe to be 6 new anti LGBTQ bills introduced into the legislature as well as it being a presidential election year.

Something One Colorado really emphasized was just how important it is to communicate with your legislators…They say you call them, write them, email them, and of course, you can always make the trip to Denver.