Sophisticated Scam Using Utility Companies as a Cover

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GARFIELD COUNTY, Colo. (KJCT)– Recently scammers have become more sophisticated, on ways to trick the public.

The latest scam taking place is receiving a call from a recognized utility such as Xcel Energy. Unfortunately they implemented in the actual number of the utility line so the caller ID appears legitimate.

Once the scammer reachs you over the phone, you are told that you owe several hundred dollars and if payment is not made immediately, you will have your gas or electric shut off.

To emphasize more urgency they state a technician is in the area, and will be at your house shortly.

You are even provided with a 1-800 number, when you call the response on the other end making it appear customary.

Remember to not take the bait. These scammer calls can happen at anytime.

Be cautious, if you believe the call is authentic, you will be able to contact the utility line during regular business hours.

No additional information will be released.

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