MCSO using new “local alerts” through Facebook

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is using social media to get urgent information out to folks faster.

Facebook rolled out this new “local alerts” feature after Hurricane Florence and the Sheriff’s Office has been putting it to use in finding missing persons. Some say it’s sort of like an Amber alert but more targetable.

“It’s been within minutes that these posts have gone out that we’ve been able to locate these missing people. It’s been either a potential parental abduction and they saw the post and realized, ‘okay, this is serious, I need to call in and turn myself in,’ and we can make sure that the children are okay,” says MSCO spokesperson Megan Terlecky.

In order to get these alerts, the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office asks folks to “like” and “follow” them on Facebook.

Montrose County Sheriff’s Office is also using this new feature; Facebook says they’re looking to expand to more counties soon.