4th annual Western Colorado Women’s March

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - The streets of Downtown Grand Junction were packed today for the 4th annual Western Colorado Women's March, as part of a nationwide movement.

The event began around 12:30 at the Old County Courthouse, with hundreds of people gathering to march.

People filled the yard holding picket signs to rally before the march. Several speakers took to the podium to discuss Women's Rights Issues such as domestic violence, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ support. This event was considered nonpartisan and I spoke to people on both sides of the aisle about their reasons for showing up today.

“Because it's the third anniversary of that idiot in the Whitehouse being in office, I'm here with friends to express our displeasure with him," explains marcher Candi Floyd.

“I as a woman support Trump and that doesn’t make me any less of a woman,” says marcher Le Ann Leffler-Foote.

Others said they came out today to remember those who fought so hard to give women the right to vote a hundred years ago.

Previously, the Western Colorado Women's March has seen thousands of people fill the streets for this event.

Organizers say this is something that people travel from all over the Western Slope to be a part of.