Roaring Fork Schools graduation rate above the state’s in 2019

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ROARING FORK (KJCT)- The Roaring Fork Schools’ graduation rate exceeds the state average in 2019: 87 percent of Roaring Fork School students graduate in four years compared to only 81 percent of Colorado students.

Additionally, the district’s major subgroups of students--white, Latino/Hispanic, male, and female--are all graduating at higher rates than their statewide peers.

“Our graduation rates continue to give us cause for celebration in the Roaring Fork Schools, and they are a very important indicator of school success,” said Roaring Fork Schools Superintendent Rob Stein. “Especially when we look at demographic subgroups, we are seeing that Roaring Fork students are more likely to graduate from high school than similar peers across the state. This is due to our schools’ efforts in supporting students with academic and attendance issues that get in the way and making our schools welcoming places where students feel they belong.”

CDE also released dropout rates for 2019. The Roaring Fork Schools are on par with the state at a 2% dropout rate--a positive trend from the district’s 2.5% dropout rate in 2018.

Stein cautions about reading too much into slight variation from year to year. “What we want to see is strong and improving performance over time,” he said. “And that looks like it’s happening.”

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