Local man finds glass in hamburger meat from Walmart

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - A local man lost his appetite after finding an unsettling discovery in his hamburger meat.

While Mark Duford was making hamburgers with his son, something cut through his son’s plastic glove as he was shaping the patties. When they took a closer look, it appeared to be glass. Mark purchased the meat from the Walmart off of North Avenue and when he shared his story on Facebook, he says several other people had similar experiences.

“If someone would’ve eaten it, I probably would’ve contacted a lawyer, if someone got all messed up with it. But I’m not looking for money; I was just looking for my hamburger back,” says Duford.

When Mark called Walmart, he says they gave him more meat and coupons. We reached out to Walmart regarding their quality control and responded, "We take this seriously and are committed to providing our customers the quality products they expect. We've worked to make this right with customer and are in contact with our supplier who is further looking into the matter."