Two-time USA barista champion teaches in Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Coffee connoisseurs around the valley headed down to Main Street Bagels yesterday to get advice from a pro, and today, some of the staff brushed up on their own technique.

You could say Coffee runs through Heather Perry's veins.

"I come from a family coffee business called Klatch Coffee and we've been doing this for 27 years,” says Perry, Vice President of Klatch Coffee.

Her upbringing brewed a little competition.

"I had the opportunity to compete in barista competitions. I won our US title twice; I took second in the world a little while ago," Perry says.

I had to ask… What is a barista competition?

"You just gotta make a really good coffee,” she explains.

So yesterday, Heather shared her expertise with local coffee connoisseurs.

"I'm hoping people learn a little more about why their coffee tastes the way it does, how they can make better coffee at home, how to choose a coffee…" says Perry.

And today, she spent her morning talking to staff about what makes the perfect cup…

"She has a lot of new innovative techniques that she's showing us that are kind of blowing our minds," says Timothy Rose, head barista Main Street Bagels.

From the grounds up.

"Once you have good coffee beans, you've got water that's at the right temperature, you have a good machine, you have milk that's steamed properly… Once you have all the components there, then it gets technical,” Timothy says.

Main Street Bagels says they want to begin the coffee conversation, for those who take it seriously.

"Come see us! If you haven't had a chance to come by and maybe you've just had a bagel from us or a sandwich or something, come and get a cup of coffee," Timothy encourages.

Main Street Bagels hopes to make these tastings and trainings more of a regular thing.