31 Road Sewer Line Replacement

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.(KJCT)- The city of Grand Junction and its contractor will be replacing the aging sewer line under 31 Road from D 1/2 Road to E Road, which will be starting Monday, Jan. 13, 2020.

The main reason for replacing this sewer line within 31 Road is to accommodate the proposed Mesa County E Road Reconstruction project which is scheduled to start this summer of 2020.

Mesa County’s E Road project will reconstruct the roadway from 31 Road east to Agape Way near 32 Road, and will also be upgrading the underground utilities on E Road. There is also plans to replace the Lewis Wash Bridge at the 31 Road and E Road intersection in year 2021.

The project will take about eight weeks to complete.

Access to properties will be maintained. However, there will be short durations when the Contractor has to temporarily close a driveway access in order to install the new sewer pipe in front of a driveway access.

Advanced notification will be given if an access needs to be temporarily closed during daytime hours.

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