Grand Valley woke up to dense fog advisory

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KJCT) - Here in the valley, we woke up to a foggy surprise this morning.

The National Weather Service put us in a dense fog advisory at 1am this morning and the advisory extended till noon today. Fog this time of year and especially around the river is normal, but the span and the longevity of the fog wasn’t.

“We had a lot of moisture near the ground following our most recent weather system that came through, also we had a lot of really calm winds overnight, and we had what’s called an inversion develop. If you’re driving around in dense fog, remember: keep your headlights on low beams and keep plenty of distance between the cars around you,” says meteorologist Michael Charnick.

The weather service tells us that a layer of clouds prevented the sun from shining down and breaking up the fog; that’s why it stuck around so much longer than usual today.