The Heat is On campaign to combat holiday party DUI tickets

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Lots of holiday party planning might involve stocking up on beer and wine… CDOT and CSP are preparing, too, for holiday DUI enforcement.

Last year, there were two hundred and nine fatalities involving impaired drivers, making up more than one third of all traffic fatalities in 2018. The holiday party enforcement period begins today and goes until December 16th. You’ll be seeing an increased law enforcement presence and sobriety checkpoints to combat driving under the influence. CSP says they want people to have fun this season—but to do so responsibly. And there’s so many ways to do that.

“If I’m not taking you home, if other drivers aren’t taking you home, if the taxi companies aren’t taking you home, you’re either going to go home in a body bag or spend the night in the drunk tank,” says Uber and Lyft driver Van James.

A DUI can cost thousands- even tens of thousands in dollars; only getting an expensive bill is best-case scenario when you decide to drive drunk.

CSP recommends just planning ahead—make sure that you know how you’re getting home.