How did the Cow Creek Fire start?

OURAY COUNTY, Colo. (KJCT)- Investigators are clueing into a wall tent that was established near the origins of the Cow Creek Fire, saying that embers from its chimney stove pipe likely started the fire that burned more than 850 acres.

In the federal affidavit, it states agents were flown in near the general origin area of the fire and found burn indicators near the heal of the fire originating approximately one hundred feet of the wall tent.

Agents noticed extensive charring on the top of the stovepipe and found numerous holes burnt through the vinyl tarp that acted as the roof of the tent. They found that the burnt damage to the tarp was consistent with burning material that existed the stove chimney pipe.

Based on the investigation, agents concluded that the winds pushed the burning material exiting the stove chimney pipe which then ignited the fire.

Agents are now trying to identify those who frequented that wall tent.

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