Voter turnout

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Today is the last day to drop off your ballot or vote at one of the five in-person locations in Mesa County.

Officials tell me this steady flow of voters indicates that people are doing their homework on the issues of this year and are ready to make their voice heard. So far, thirty six thousand seven hundred and thirty six ballots have been received and are now being processed.

“It’s probably the greatest privilege that we as Americans have, it to cast our vote. Our one vote. We need to have good roads and good schools and I think any time you can invest in your schools, the education of your children, it’s always a good thing. Our money is going to go some place. This give us an opportunity to say where we want our money to go.”

If you need any more encouragement to go out and hit the polls, officials remind us that local elections influence state elections and state influence national elections.

There’s still time make your vote count on important issues like the ones Chris is talking about.