Dog shot after attacking child

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - An aggressive dog was shot on Saturday afternoon by a Mesa County Sherriff’s deputy.

The deputies responded to a report of a dog that wouldn’t let a woman and her child from leaving their home. There were several attempts to contact the owner of the dog but law enforcement didn’t get a response. Animal control was called and while waiting for them to arrive, the dog wandered down the street. At the same time, a child came outside and the dog attacked the child. Deputies then shot the dog.

“We never make the decision lightly to fire a weapon, especially when it comes to a pet. But in this particular case, this animal was acting extremely aggressively and it had attacked a child. It was holding a neighborhood hostage,” says Mesa County Sherriff's Office spokesperson Megan Terlecky.

The dog did not die, but the owners later made the decision to euthanize it. We’re told the child’s injuries were not serious.