Pueblo Zoo anounces death of Mongo, the oldest African penguin in captivity

PUEBLO, Colo. (KJCT)- The Pueblo Zoo announced that Mongo, the oldest African penguin in captivity, has died. He is survived by nine chicks, along with over 100 other descendants. He was 38.

“He was a tough old bird,” says Abigail Krause, Executive Director. “He was strong and resilient and an important part of the colony.”

It is an incredible feat that Mongo lived this long, as he battled health issues his entire life.

Sue Greer recently joined the Pueblo Zoo as an experienced professional zookeeper and had previous experience with Mongo. Early in her career in Baltimore, she took care of Mongo before he was placed in Pueblo in 1992.

“Mongo is responsible for a couple of the older scars on my hands,” laughs Sue. “That’s just what young, vibrant males do. We can be proud that Mongo has made a significant contribution to the African penguin population."

In a press release, the Pueblo Zoo states, " Mongo will be missed, but his legacy will live on both here at the Pueblo Zoo and across the world."

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