Delta experiences mysterious "boom"

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- There were nearly 300 comments on the Delta Facebook Message board from people who heard what they're describing as a "loud boom" on New Year's Eve.

It’s easy to assume it was fireworks; after all, it was New Year's Eve.

People in Delta swear that it was not fireworks.

From things falling off of walls to people going outside to see what had happened, Delta locals are now wondering what it could have been.

There's no indication that it was an earthquake, or that there was any weather phenomena.

"It wasn't really a boom, and it wasn't really a crash, it was more like a big thud. Like, somebody walked up to the trailer, and just hit it with a sledgehammer or something," said resident Tom Simmons.

"I've heard what sounds like gunshots going off sometimes, but nothing that loud. It sounded like a cannon or something going off," said resident Brandon Chick.

There's still no word from any official agency on what was the cause of the blast.

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