Grand Junction hotel owner urges you to vote 'no' on 2A

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- Robert Feeley, the owner of the Super 8 Hotel in Grand Junction, says voters may not understand just how much the proposed lodging tax increase could hurt local business owners. That's why he's urging voters to vote 'no' on 2A.

"I think it could be very harmful," Feeley said. "Not only to the lodging industry, but to the other community businesses that the lodging industry feeds."

He fears if the lodging tax goes up, people will stop visiting Grand Junction, which would be bad for his hotel, and the hotels around it.

"We're not the wealthy individuals people might think, that can afford to lose more business by an increased sales tax," Feeley said.

An employee at Super 8 Hotel, Laura Lopez, has worked at the hotel for eight years and she says customers already complain about the lodging tax Grand Junction has now.

"When we give our tax rate they feel like it's pretty high already," Lopez said. "So I believe if we give them a higher one they're really not going to want to stay."

Both Feeley and Lopez say the past three years have been tough for their hotel -- so they're hoping voters will think long and hard before voting for 2A this November.

Supporters of the tax increase say the money raised would only help tourism, not hurt it. The City of Grand Junction would use the money for things like promoting local events, getting direct flights to and from Grand Junction Regional Airport and overall marketing the area.

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