More moms using drugs during breastfeeding, health department says

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo, (KJCT) -- Moms who use drugs while breast feeding, even prescribed medications, could be be charged with child abuse.

The Department of Human Services is reminding breastfeeding mothers that everything they eat including food and medications goes into a baby's system through the breast milk.

Officials said they are seeing more reports of babies being exposed to methamphetamine, methadone, opioid and THC.

Exposure can delay development and increase sudden infant death syndrome, more commonly known as SIDS.

“We see babies go through withdrawals...we see them go through tremors and seizures and extreme crying episodes, arching their back and becoming stiff and's really sad thing to see,” said Overmeyer.

Overmeyer said moms concerned about their child's health should go to the health department or take the baby to a pediatrician.

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