Grand Valley woman loses hundreds to impostor

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CLIFTON, Colo. (KJCT) -- There's another phone scam targeting Grand Valley residents.

Louise, of Clifton, thought a loved one needed help and fell victim to another phone scam.

A woman called Louise on the phone, claiming to be her step-granddaughter. The impostor made up a story that she was in a car crash. but didn't pass a breathalyzer test.

“She only had this one call from the jail, that there's be someone else -- I supposed her bonds man -- that would be calling me and telling me where to send the money that she needed,”Louise said.

Louise sent $400.

Then, she said the scammers called again asking for more money to be wired from a different location.

"I felt like it was something I had to do," said Louise. “She says I need to get out of here grandma so I can get back home. I absolutely was worried about her and in hindsight if I'd a just though it through, the story just didn't fit."

She went to Walmart wire the second round of cash, but before she could, the woman behind the counter told her it was a scam and that she needed to call her step-granddaughter.

“I fell for that until I had enough people telling me I was wrong I was getting taken,” said Louise.

The sheriff’s office said the easiest way to find out if you're involved in a scam is to call your loved one on their actual number to make sure what the caller says is true.

“It is the season for giving, scammers know that they are taking advantage of that, and so we have to be smarter just take that extra step and verify who you are giving to,” sad Megan Terlecky, spokesperson Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

Louise hopes that, by speaking out, she can stop others from getting trapped as well.

“I just want people know that this can happen, it may not be the same pitch but it can happen,” said Louise.

Officials remind the public any time you suspect you are being scammed call law enforcement right away.

Authorities said when giving to charities, use a check or a card, not cash.

Also when getting a package you’re not expecting, don't give the delivery person your credit card, even if they said they need it for verification.

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