Investigators discuss Lester Jones' computer, porn usage in re-trial

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) -- The prosecution in the retrial of Lester Jones continued on Wednesday.

Lester Jones is accused of kidnapping and murdering local mother and escort business owner, Paige Birgfeld in 2007.

The majority of the day Mesa County Sheriff's Office Investigator Mike Piechota was on the stand, dissecting Lester Jones’ computer usage.

Evidence showed an elaborate record of dates and times and how many websites and documents were accessed, some of which were pornographic.

“The porn was absolutely consistent with, there being plenty of time for those phone calls and then rushing home and doing porn right?” questioned defense attorney Steven Colvin.

The prosecution was working to establish that it was Jones on the computer.

“When you look at the computer usage it’s not quite as clear than if you just look at porn usage. If you select which facts to look at it can appear highly incriminating, right?” the defense asked Piechota.

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