Sweltering summer heat can be dangerous

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- Another 90 degree day. it's the time of year when leaving your children and pets in your car, are not a good idea. Not only can this result in abuse or neglect charges, but could lead to death.

"The heat here has been getting really hot here lately," said Margaret Pierce.

Resident Chris Lawrence said, "It's almost unbearable sometimes.”

Your car can be the most dangerous place in the summer heat.

"My steering wheel will get really hot and I have to like lightly touch it,” added Pierce.

"Temperatures increase in a short amount of time and people need to be aware of that,” said Sean Hazlehurst from the Grand Junction Fire Department.

You've heard the horror stories, no doubt

Even on a cooler 80 degree day, the weather service says the interior of your car can reach 114 degrees in 30 minutes.

That's why they say leaving children or your four legged friends in a hot car can kill them.

"That drastic increase in temperature in just 30 minutes can affect the body pretty quickly,” Hazlehurst continued.

If your body temperature reaches 104 degrees then heat stroke can occur.

"Signs and symptoms of that are loss of consciousness, dizziness and then eventually death," Hazlehurst added.

The police department does not keep record of how many hot calls they receive but they do say you can be charged with child abuse or neglect.

Animal Services has been called out 32 times since May 1. They have had to break windows to save dogs.

"I was coming out of target one time and I had just missed it happen but law enforcement had to go and break the window of the car where there was a dog inside,” Lawrence added.

"It doesn't take very long for a kid to pass out, or even an animal, especially if they don't have water,” said Pierce.

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