Thursday is National Chili Day

Chili Mac 'n' Cheese / Hormel
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Thursday is National Chili Day, and according to Hormel foods, American's consumed 118 million pounds of Chili in 2015. More than 6.1 million was eaten by Los Angeles residents, ranking the city at #1.

Denver came in at number 11 and, while no Western Slope town made the list, we know there are chili lovers in the Grand Valley!

While some cities may enjoy avocados, olives and cheese with their chili – others may enjoy cinnamon rolls or freshly squeezed limes with theirs. One fact everyone can agree with is that chili becomes even more flavorful over time as the ingredients meld together.

Top year-round chili-consuming cities across the U.S. (Data Source: HORMEL® Chili Brand)
1. Los Angeles, CA
2. Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
3. Houston, TX
4. Cincinnati/Dayton, OH
5. Phoenix/Tucson, AZ
6. New Orleans, LA/Mobile, AL
7. Birmingham/Montgomery, AL
8. San Francisco/Oakland, CA
9. Chicago, IL
10. Seattle/Tacoma, WA
11. Denver, CO
12. Portland, OR
13. Atlanta, GA
14. St. Louis, MO
15. New York, NY
16. Detroit, MI
17. Sacramento, CA
18. Baltimore, MD/Washington D.C.
19. Salt Lake City, UT
20. San Diego, CA
21. Oklahoma City, OK
22. Las Vegas, NV
23. Peoria/Springfield, IL
24. Roanoke, VA
25. Nashville, TN
26. Knoxville, TN
27. Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
28. Indianapolis, IN
29. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
30. Orlando, FL
31. Tulsa, OK
32. Philadelphia, PA
33. Memphis, TN
34. Raleigh/Greensboro, NC
35. Richmond/Norfolk, VA
36. Little Rock, AR
37. Grand Rapids, MI
38. Harrisburg/Scranton, PA
39. Charlotte, NC
40. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
41. Boston, MA
42. Milwaukee, WI
43. Hartford, CT/Springfield, MA
44. Louisville, KY
45. Kansas City, KS
46. Columbus, OH
47. Toledo, OH
48. Spokane, WA
49. Jacksonville, FL
50. Omaha, NE
51. Buffalo/Rochester, NY
52. Wichita, KS
53. Boise, ID
54. Cleveland, OH
55. Pittsburgh, PA
56. Des Moines, IA
57. Albany, NY
58. Syracuse, NY
59. Green Bay, WI
60. Providence, RI

Most-searched chili recipes on (by page views of each recipe)
1. Zesty Chili Cheese Dip
2. Chili Mac 'N' Cheese
3. 7-Layer Chili Dip
4. Chili Cheese Bread Dip
5. Mini Chili Calzones
6. Chili Nachos
7. Chili Bar
8. Chili Potato Skins
9. Chili Mini Mexican Bites
10. Chili Dogs with Cheese
11. Stuffed Chili Peppers
12. Baked Chili Hot Dogs
13. Chili Pizza

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