Montrose school district could see layoffs if there are more COVID closures

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- Montrose School District says they were able to keep all staff employed during the COVID closure, but they say that might not be the case if there’s another closure once in-person classes start up again.

Aug. 27, that's the date Montrose schools plan to start in-person classes.

But while they have a plan to open schools, they also have to plan for the possibility of another COVID closure, which could mean layoffs in the future.

Superintendent Stephen Schiell says they want to keep all staff employed, but If schools close for more than 30 days, hourly employees will not be paid.

“If we have an outbreak which is defined as two students, that one particular school will be closed for up to 14 days,” Superintendent MCSD Stephen Schiell says.

The school district is also making other budget cuts after finding out they'll be taking a $2.5 million dollar revenue hit.