Lake Christine Fire explodes to almost 3,000 acres

Published: Jul. 4, 2018 at 6:32 PM MDT
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The Lake Christine Fire near Basalt has exploded to almost 3,000 acres and is 0 percent contained.

So far, there are no homes burned and nobody has been injured or killed by the fire, that according to the Eagle County Sheriff's Office.

Evacuated areas include Hillcrest Drive, Sagewood Court, Pineridge, and others.

"The last news I heard was they will not be lifting the evacuation order as of tonight so I'm trying to round up a place to stay the night," Bill Maron, an evacuated resident, said.

Evacuees are asked to meet at Basalt High School.

The Sheriff's Office is also warning people that they may lose power for up to 72 hours.

Air support has been brought in to help fight the blaze.

"I was worried about this from the middle of winter l when there was no snow that this was going to be a bad wildfire season now here it is," Maron said.

The Eagle County Sheriff's Office said that two people were cited for starting the fire around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday night at the shooting range on the Basalt State Wildlife Area. According to The Aspen Times, Richard Karl Miller, 22, and Allison Sarah Marcush, 22, were charged with fourth-degree arson after they allegedly used tracer rounds at the range that started the blaze.

Both could face more charges after the investigation is complete. Basalt Fire Chief Scott Thompson told the Times they preserved evidence at the range and the two cited were cooperative and talked with law enforcement officials.

Additionally, we're told most flights in and out of the Aspen Airport have been canceled.

The Aspen airport tells us the airport itself is fully functional, but airlines are canceling flights due to smoke concerns. Please check for delays and cancellations for flights in the next few days.

They also tells us they are concerned power could go out at the airport.