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The smarter mortgage company. Guild is one of the leading independent mortgage banking companies in the United States.

501 Main Street Grand Junction, CO 81501
Guild Mortgage Company is an Equal Housing Lender; Company NMLS #3274

Guild Mortgage Company is the leading privately-held company in the Western United States

We have lived, experienced, and proved our commitment to our customers and employees for more than fifty years, through all kinds of markets, by creating partnerships for lasting success. We pair the resources of large companies with the accessibility and soul of a small company, to serve our customers’ needs. Our vision for Guild Mortgage Company is to build on our decades of success by seeking new opportunities for growth while keeping true to our history and values.

For more than fifty years, Guild has helped homebuyers to live their dream of homeownership. We offer the advantages of large companies, with a depth of knowledge, skill level and access to contemporary technology that make your experience satisfying and rewarding.

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I want to buy my first home and have down-payment assistance available.

Your community could help.

State Bond programs allow for lower down payments and possible down payment assistance from the state or city in which you live. Typically you must be a First Time Homebuyer to participate in these programs. This offering varies from state to state.

Loan Features

· Down Payment Assistance Programs - We work with 100's local and state programs designed to help homebuyers reach the goal of owning a home

· Lower minimum credit scores

· Up to 100% financing available

· 30 year fixed mortgages

· Income and property restrictions may apply

· Subject to availability in each state

All loans are subject to underwriter final approval, terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice. Always consult an Accountant or Tax Advisor for full eligibility requirements on tax deductions.

I don't have a lot of money for a down payment.

We have an FHA for you.
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers low down payment options for financing a primary residence. The flexible guidelines and lower credit requirements helps many people become new homeowners every year.

Loan Features

Credit scores as low as 580 FICO

Manufactured home financing (requires 640 FICO)

Gift funds for down payment allowed

Non-Traditional credit allowed

All loans are subject to underwriter final approval, terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice. Always consult an Accountant or Tax Advisor for full eligibility requirements on tax deductions.

Up to 96.55 Financing Available.

For these loans and more CLICK HERE

Credit Approval Protection
If we have issued a preliminary credit approval from our underwriter and then we are unable to close your transaction, we will pay up to $1000 for inspections, appraisals or relocation expenses you have incurred for the home purchase. We will also reimburse you for any lost Earnest Money Deposits up to $5000.

Terms and conditions at

Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility Requirements:

1) Underwriting Credit Approval Production covers the pre-approval of the borrower’s credit package. Underwriting Credit Approval Protection will apply only if there is no material changes in the borrower’s application or credit status from the date of preliminary credit approval through closing. Material changes in underwriting guidelines, the loan amount or loan product, loss or change of employment or income, undisclosed liabilities or increases in debt, fraud, misrepresentation or material omission in the loan application and supporting documents.

2) The guarantee is not a mortgage loan approval or commitment to lend and is subject to the customer satisfying all underwriting guidelines and loan approval conditions, including identifying a property that is acceptable collateral to Guild and satisfying all appraisal and title requirements.

3) This Program only applies to home purchases funded by Guild using conventional, high balance (non-jumbo) FHA and VA loan programs and is for one to four family dwelling units only and excludes second liens, refinance, loans, renovation loans, non-purchase money home equity lines of credit, interim construction loans or other temporary financing, loans brokered to or by Guild, loans involving short sales, or any other purchase contract that requires the approval from a third party (i.e, a leander, relocation company, ect.)

4) If Guild does not perform and does not proactively provided and credits or payments required unter the guarantee you must request the funds within 90 days from closing. Any payments made under the guarantee, you will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC. Please consult your tax advisor regarding any tax implications.

5) Employees of guild or its affiliates and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the program.

6) The Guarantee is not transferable or assignable and Guild reserves the right to amend or terminate this program and the guarantee at any time except as to qualified home purchasers with submitted applications prior to the date of the amendment or termination.

7) All payments made under this guarantee shall be the only recourse and obligation of Guild under this program. Any Other indirect, special or consequential damages due to guild’s failure to timely close a loan are hereby disclaimed.

8) The guarantee and this program only apply to purchase loan applications received by Guild after February 14th, 2014

Company NMLS # 3274.


Justin Harris

Area Manager
NMLS ID 289336
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Charles (Buzz) Moore

Sales Manager
NMLS ID 383361
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James Call

Loan Officer
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Sherri Brown

Mortgage Planner
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Phone: 970-361-3397

Chris Bucalo

Loan Officer
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Minde Harper

Production Manager/Loan Originator
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John Michael (Jack) O'Neal

Loan Officer
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Barry Weitzel

Loan Officer
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Rick Hamm

Loan Officer
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David Shepard

Loan Officer
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Brenda Schafer

Loan Officer
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Glen Whaley

Loan Officer
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Loan Officer
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Paul McGilton

Loan Officer
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