Skies staying overcast as next weather maker moves into the Western Slope

KKCO 11 News -- First Alert Weather Day for Tuesday
KKCO 11 News -- First Alert Weather Day for Tuesday
Published: May. 31, 2023 at 6:55 AM MDT
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River Levels:

  • Plateau Creek near Cameo

As of Wednesday at 4 am, the current river level is 7.32 feet. River levels are still rising and will reach 8.09 feet by Friday.

Throughout our Wednesday:

During the morning hours, cloud cover has already started to roll across most of the Western Slope. As a result, it will be quiet for the valleys, just like the past two days. However, in Montrose, there are going to be some changes occurring around the evening hours. Scattered showers will make their presence known for the mountains and Montrose. Temperatures are also slowly taking a hit as they start their cooling trend today.

Wednesday at JUCO:

We have two games for JUCO on Wednesday, with the first at 2 pm where Gaston vs. Blinn. Temperatures around this time will it in the lower 70s. The last game will be at 7 pm, where Weatherford vs. Wabash Valley, and temperatures will remain in the upper 60s.

The Remainder of the Workweek Ahead:

Temperatures are going to continue to fall throughout the remainder of the workweek. A low-pressure system will also slowly start approaching the Western Slope and moving in from the Four Corners region by Friday. The low pressure will continue to bring the ongoing scattered showers and thunderstorms, but it will also expand these storms across the Western Slope. Our valleys will likely receive some of these thunderstorms by Friday afternoon to evening hours. Temperatures will also remain the lowest over the next seven days, with Grand Junction in the mid-70s and Montrose in the upper 60s.

The Weekend:

During the remainder of the workweek, temperatures will fall; by the weekend, they will reverse and rise again. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are still likely by the start of the week, but temperatures in Grand Junction and Montrose will rise to the upper to lower seventies.

By Sunday, the warming trend continues, with Grand Junction warming to the lower 80s and mid-70s for Montrose. Skies will start to open up on Saturday, sitting under partly cloudy skies.