Multivitamins may be linked to better cognition in older adults, study says

They're safe, affordable and may already be in your medicine cabinet. A study suggests taking a multivitamin every day may slow cognitive decline. (CNN)
Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 7:53 AM MDT
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(CNN) - A new study shows taking a daily multivitamin might help with brain function.

Over the course of three years, scientists talked to thousands of people 65 years old and older, and the ones who took a multivitamin slowed down cognitive aging by 60%, or nearly two years.

What’s more, there were even more benefits for people who had a history of heart disease.

Now scientists are questioning why multivitamins help.

They don’t have a clear answer yet. But it may be because multivitamins help out people who don’t have enough micronutrients, like vitamin C or magnesium, and that gets worse as people age.

Researchers said they’re not telling older adults to start taking multivitamins right away and recommended they talk to their doctor first.