#WondrousWesternSlope featured photos for August 2: Rainbows, rain clouds, and rough-hewn canyons, oh my!

Photo of the day: Independence Monument at sunrise
Photo of the day: Independence Monument at sunrise(Joshua Scott)
Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 5:36 PM MDT
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Foreword - A rare privilege we often take for granted on the Western Slope is the unrivaled beauty and majesty of our home. Deep forests, sprawling plateaus, canyons cut right into the bedrock, and hardy biodiversity that would make Darwin cry tears of joy make it a rare treat to call home.

I am a local (more or less), having spent about two thirds of my life on the best slope of Colorado, and it always surprised me how little recognition our little slice of the state got in comparison to virtually everything else around us. Yeah, Moab and Arches are stunningly beautiful, and Estes and Rocky Mountain have fantastic views and ice cream, but nothing compares to the simple beauty of sweeping high desert plains pushing up against some of the most beautiful mountains in North America.

And we get to live amongst that beauty.

At its core, I think that the Western Slope of our home state is about exploration. Exploration of the vast wildernesses between our islands of civilization, of culture and civic contention, and of the limits of human ingenuity.

Consider this and future photo features somewhat of a love letter from me and our staff to the deserts and mountains that raised me, and to all of you. Without the people of the Western Slope, there would be nothing to give this arid desert the culture that it has.

Please enjoy these photos, and if you see a friend or neighbor’s name in the captions, please thank them for us. Now, onto the feature!

-Kacie Sinton, Digital Content and News Director

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