Trees around the Grand Valley cut down due to decay

The City of Grand Junction is working to mitigate and combat the pests that have wrecked havoc on the Ash Trees in the Grand Valley.
Trees in downtown Grand Junction on Main Street
Trees in downtown Grand Junction on Main Street(KKCO/KJCT)
Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 11:25 PM MST
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Recently, over the past year, the City of Grand Junction has begun tree removal processes due to many trees beginning to decay and die.

Beside decay, pest invasion is the other main cause of the trees dying. Ash Trees are just one example of a tree impacted by these issues. Two out of the three pests responsible for wrecking havoc among Ash Trees are native to Colorado. They are the Lilac Ash Borer and Ash Bark Beetle.

Another common pest known around the country is the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species native to North-Eastern Africa.

The city is looking to remove 300 Ash Trees that have decayed from pest invasion.

In order to combat pests in the Grand Valley attacking trees, the city has begun to spray some of the trees. Unfortunately, the spray only lasts one year and the trees will have to be retreated on an annual basis.

A newer method meant to last for 2-3 years is called tree injection. This process involves injecting a tree with a particular chemical to help combat the pests. The city has focused on tree injection on the larger in diameter trees throughout the Grand Valley.

“We are trying to develop a program where the residents for the City of Grand Junction may be able to work with the city for a cost year program treating trees,” said Rob Davis, Grand Junction City Forester.

For current and new homeowners looking to purchase trees, Davis states they should have a mix of trees rather than the same species. The mix of trees prevents pests from jumping from tree to tree since certain pests attack specific tree species.

Davis also mentions that residents should water all their vegetation evenly. For example, residents should make sure to water grass as well as the trees on their property. Even watering can help prevent drought build-up in yards, which pests can be attractive too.

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