Bookcliff Middle School holds MESA event

A bridge created by a D51 student getting ready to add weight to test for strength
A bridge created by a D51 student getting ready to add weight to test for strength(KKCO/KJCT)
Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 10:30 PM MST
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - Bookcliff Middle School held an event for District 51 (D51) students called the Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program.

Students who participated had five weeks to build a bridge that they brought to the final showcasing on Thursday.

They used different aspects from schooling, including measurements, mathematics, and more.

Students prepared their bridge for a weight competition at the showcasing to see how much weight the bridge could sustain before collapsing.

The event featured a lot of D51 students from different schools within the district.

Some students had some remarks about the bridge that they created and how they felt against the competition.

“I think our bridge design would be pretty good. I like it, but there are some good competitiors here at the event,” said Cameron Ovechka, a Redland Middle School Student.

His teammate talked about their design by stating, “We went like a basic design but we had a lot of teamwork and a lot of struutre so it worked out pretty good,” said Tully Nelson, a Redland Middle School Student.

“Our ongoing design was to build a truss bridge and we did alright I supposed and it looks ok and performed pretty good,” said Jackson Urban, a Bookcliff Middle School student.

The teammates of Lucas Seeley, Jackson Ovechka, and Jayden Brennan had stated that their bridge had an excellent structure for adding weight to it.

“I think our bridge would hold up and we worked really hard on it,” said Seeley. “Trying to get all the glue and all of pieces on was that difficult part of the process,” mentioned Ovechka.

“It took a little bit for the bridge to start to break. It started to bow on the one side. This design that we had is a design that I picked up from last year, and it was a pretty strong design for how long it stayed,” said Ovechka.

The competition was significant at the Bookcliff Middle School MESA event. A final group of students had their thoughts about their design, considering that three people left and only two remained.

“I think that two is way better cause like it helped, we had more plans,” said Khorben Blair, another Redland Middle School student. His teammate, Aila Dunsmore, stated that she agreed that two people were way better because they worked together.

“We got the idea of our bridge becuase I had built in mesa club, not in Mesa Club, in Tech Ed, a bridge not out of balsa wood but out of popsicle sticks, so I kinda knew the process,” stated Dunsmore.

The entire event took place at the Bookcliff Activity Center building that was on the school grounds.

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