West Middle School Controversy

West Middle School Science Video Controversy
Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 9:39 PM MST
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - A West Middle School sixth-grade science teacher is on administrative leave tonight, pending an investigation.

This is after some parents say their children were exposed to a science video they think was inappropriate.

Concerned parent, Stephanie Stelter, says it’s upsetting her 11-year-old daughter was exposed to a science video that talked about fertility.

“Because she was not happy when she came home. She told me about the video. She told me it really upset her. She doesn’t like science anymore because of what the video showed her.”

Parents say the video that was shown was called “fighting for fertility.

It discusses reproductive technologies, as well as the infertility issues that people from different backgrounds face.

Another concerned mom, Rebecca Samples, says it was not okay for the sixth-grade science teacher to address this topic with their children without permission.

“The first time I got the email was yesterday, and I had sent it to a friend of mine, and I’m upset because it’s sixth grade. It should not be taught with this at all. With this video, I have yet to see the video. I saw bits and pieces and clips of it, but once I saw the video, I had to stop it because I was like, not this is not acceptable at all.”

The principal of West Middle School sent out an email to parents saying the video was not grade-level appropriate and that the science teacher had been put on administrative leave.

Stelter thinks the school needs to do more.

“This is the second time in west middle school that we have had an issue with inappropriate education and topics. They’re putting these teachers on administrative leave, but they’re still getting paid. These teachers are getting paid while they’re looking into these investigations, and I don’t think these teachers should be getting paid.”

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