CMU unveils plan for upcoming semester

CMU campus
CMU campus(Jason Burger)
Published: Jul. 21, 2020 at 9:05 PM MDT
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While some universities across the nation have chosen to make their students take online classes this fall, that’s not going to be the case at CMU.

“It’s really hard not being able to have that face to face contact with your professors. I really don’t want to see an outbreak here on campus,” said CMU student Parker Mason.

He has an advantage over incoming CMU freshman: he knew what life on campus was like before this pandemic. He’ll have more weight on his shoulders this semester as an RA in one of the residence halls.

“I thrive going to class in person, so when we did have to go online last semester, it kind of interrupt my academic flow. We all miss seeing each other here on campus every day, and even if that does just have to be outside,” Mason said.

But he says he’s willing to follow all campus health rules to make things work.

“I think the university has done more than enough. I think they’ve put a lot of work and time and thinking about everything that we can,” Mason said.

“Every student on their phone, will have an app that allows them to track symptoms,” said Vice President of Student Services, John Marshall.

One of the new rules will be for students to check in daily on their phones. Every single student will have to acknowledge how they are feeling before they can go off to class.

“It’ll allow them to use thermal scanners to quickly take my temperature, and add that to my symptoms. It allows us for notification, if we have a case and be able to quickly isolate them before that spreads,” Marshall said.

In person learning will happen this fall at CMU, but officials say the format could be different by the class.

“If you’re a student you may be in class on Monday and Wednesday and be online on Friday…you might have part of your class in person, and the other part a pre-recorded lecture. We’ve got a plan for tracking symptoms, for tracing if we have a positive, and isolation and quarantine spaces.”

Classes will officially start on August 17th.

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