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Stories From the Southwest

Date(s): 6/14/2014 Date(s): 6/20/2014 Date(s): 6/21/2014 Date(s): 6/27/2014 Date(s): 6/28/2014


Colorado Mesa University, Moss Performing Arts Center, Mesa Expiramental Theatre
Stories From the Southwest
by Ruth Cantrell

For our young audiences, MRT presents an inventive and charming collection of tales written in 1997 about our beautiful region. Tales include:
The Rabbit and the Prairie Dog
The Desert's Gift
Leena, the Javalina
How the Mesa Got its Name
Who's the Fool here?

$5 all seats

Saturday, June 14; 2:00 pm
Friday, June 20; 2:00 pm
Saturday, June 21; 2:00 pm
Friday, June 27; 2:00 pm
Saturday, June 28; 2:00 pm
Laura Bradley

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