Western Slope Pop Warner seeks volunteers for 2014 season

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Western Slope Pop Warner football league is about to start preparation for the 2014 fall season, and after a successful first year in the Grand Valley they're ready to tackle a second year.

In 2013 Pop Warner started a league on the Western Slope, and they had an incredible turnout. This season, they're ready to build on that success and spread their roots further in the community.

They will be adding four more associations with multiple teams under each one, and they are actively seeking volunteers to fill the new positions.

For volunteer Annie Wright, an involved local mom whose son participated in the league last year, she knows it's a rewarding experience.

"Anytime you can give back to the community you're in, it's wonderful," she said. "My son looks up to me and he is doing things on his own now. He is helping out in different areas at school and within his community, so we lead by example. [By] keeping our kids active in sports and active in our community, we build great leaders, and that is what Pop Warner is about."

The four new associations will need the following volunteers:
1. Coaches
2. Team Parents
3. Cheer Director
4. Scholastic Coordinators
5. Equipment Managers
6. Board Members (VP, Secretary/Treasurer)

To find out more information or to become a volunteer, email westernslopepopwarner@yahoo.com or send a message to their Facebook page following the link below.

Pop Warner hopes to have all volunteers set by Friday, February 7th.

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