Montrose's Eric Rhoten competes in third straight X Games

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OLATHE, Colo. for enduro-x athletes, it's all about the terrain.

Enduro cross has only been a part of the X Games for four years and 29 year-old Montrose rider Eric Rhoten's competed in three of those, including the 2014 games in Austin Texas a week ago.

"It's as big as it gets for the sport that I'm in," Rhoten said. "It's hard to compare it to anything I do because we just never see that kind of whole show. It's a show. Et's pretty crazy."

Though relatively new the moto-x category is growing as it attracts riders who have great technical skills and maneuvering abilities, along with the same rush of completing a circuit.

"You watch it and it looks easy and it's incredibly tiring and just very little mistakes. (It has) rocks, logs, they haul in these big loader tires and just try to make it as impossible to get through as they can."

Unfortunately for Rhoten, his podium hopes were dashed by an unusual equipment problem when the bead on his tire broke during his heat. His tire fell off and he fell behind .

Still, three straight trips to the X Games is a tremendous feat and Rhoten says that even though he wasn't racing in the finals, he was still able to enjoy his trip to Austin.

"It's really cool just to be there and hang out and go into the athlete lounge and there's Travis Pastrana or there's Shaun White," Rhoten said. "It's cool to be starstruck with all the other athletes."

Rhoten wanted to extend a special 'thank you' to his supporters: Grand Mesa Motorsports, Topar Racing, FSW Suspension, PS Designs, Dunnington Chiropractic, and his friends and family.

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