MCJFA hosts Dr. Michael Reeder for concussion awareness program

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. In the past few years, concussions have taken center stage and become a big concern for athletes and parents.

With football season right around the corner, the Mesa County Junior Football Association brought in Rocky Mountain Orthopaedics Doctor Michael T. Reeder for a concussion awareness clinic.

Coaches, team moms, and staff members attended the meeting to prepare for the fall season and learn about the signs and symptoms of a concussion and what to do if those exist.

"It is a concern," said Dr. Reeder. "I have grandkids now that are playing sports, and it is a very big concern. I think you have to be protective, and I think we're going to get more information over the next few years about what's the right thing to do. I think right now it's just being proactive and as protective over our kids as we can."

Dr. Reeder went on to explain specific symptoms of a concussion, including headaches, dizziness, and nausea. If an athlete experiences any of these symptoms after getting hit, he or she should be taken out of the game and further evaluated.

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