HS Basketball: Grand Junction defeats Palisade in non-conference game

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Junction Tigers and Palisade Bulldogs met at Brownson Arena for a non-conference game with just about two weeks left in the regular season.

It was a close race for the girls as Palisade held the lead in the third quarter, only to have it taken away early. They were left playing catch-up the remainder of the game. Casey Brown hit a three=pointer in the final seconds to make it a one-bucket game, but Grand Junction held on for the win, defeating Palisade 46-43.

For the boys, it was a bit more difficult for the Bulldogs to keep pace with the Tigers. Right away Grand Junction jumped to a 9-2 lead, and they dictated the remainder of the night, finishing on top 54-34.

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