Grand Junction Coyotes JR A Hockey Team coming in 2015-2016

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Just seven months ago the Glacier Ice Arena reopened. On Wednesday, the arena formally announced the addition of the first Tier-3 JR A Hockey Team, the Grand Junction Coyotes, a member of the newly formed, five-team Rocky Mountain JR Hockey League.

The team will be formed early next year and will begin play for the 2015-2016 season, complete with a 40-game regular season and an RMJHL playoff champion that advances to the USA Hockey Tier-3 Junior National Tournament.

It will be a 20U league with the majority of athletes coming from Colorado. Aside from the specific sport, the Coyotes will be comparable to a team like the Grand Junction Rockies - an amateur level that develops collegiate and professional players of the future, all while providing some great entertainment for the community.

"Community-wise, it's a big deal for a hockey team at this caliber to be here and playing inside Grand Junction," said general manager and hockey director Tom Harmon. "A lot of amateur hockey and a lot of amateur associations try to build up inside the community."

The Coyotes will be ran under the non-profit Glacier Ice Sports Association. Approval of the league was granted June 5th for the inaugural season to begin October of 2015.

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