Mother/daughter powerlifters return with medals from world competition

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MONTROSE, Colo. It started out in a gym about seven years ago when Kelli and Ella Lowenberg took up crossfit, which eventually evolved into representing the US in power lifting.

The mother/daughter combo from Montrose just returned from South Africa, where the World's competition was held. After rounds of back squats, bench press and dead lifts, the tandem carried back with them to the States a little more weight than they came with: second place overall for Ella and third place for Kelli in their respective categories.

Maybe more impressive is the way they came to the sport of power lifting.

It was daughter Ella who first got into and was successful at lifting, sparking an interest in her competitive mother.

"Watching her compete at nationals, I was like 'I'd be really interested in seeing what i could do,' so i decided to go to state that year and see what happened," Kelli said.

Kelli did well enough at the state competition to qualify for the nationals, which eventually led to the world stage, and a sport the two can share together.

"We didn't really have much in common besides crossfit and lifting," Ella said. "I loved it because I got to cheer her on, and for that to grow on her, it makes me happy."

"She can support me, i can support her," Kelli said. "It's cool to watch your child get up there and do something so amazing."

Even though the two don't compete in the same age or weight categories, their objective is the same.

"It's just you and the barbell. That's your competition. It's you and the iron and who's going to master who today. Hopefully it's you."

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