CMU WBB: Break is over and ladies are ready to continue perfect record

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The break is over for athletes, and this weekend Colorado Mesa basketball is back in action. These teams have been practicing since Monday, working to get back in order following a 9-day vacation.

For the Lady Mavericks they've been cruising through another perfect season. Currently 10-0, they're one of just 10 teams throughout Division II and the only team in the region that remains undefeated.

Their hustle on the court is top-notch, keeping the majority of opponents shooting under 40%, while their own offense is right around 46.

Tomorrow they head out for a conference road trip starting with Colorado Christian followed by Colorado Mines, and even though the Lady Mavs remain on the top of the standings, they never take a game for granted.

"[CCU] is a very dangerous team, so I think we need to make sure we go out and have our A-game, but I think once again we just have to focus on ourselves," said senior Sharaya Selsor. "I feel like we've had a really great week of practice and that's all we can do, that's all we can control."

"We're pretty much just trying to go out there and play our game and just win games," said senior Hannah Pollart. "If we happen to be undefeated that would be great, but mostly we're just trying to get the win, take care of business every night we step out."

Their first game is Friday night at 5:30 PM at Colorado Christian University.

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