Western Slope creates conditions for vibrant fall leaves

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Fall is full of vibrant fall colors this year around the valley, and recent weather conditions have created the perfect formula for lively leaves.

Experts say the length of day and night is the main factor for creating colorful autumn leaves, but all the extra moisture we've had this year and cooler temperatures have made the Western Slope conducive to bright fall leaves.

But of course, the colorful transformation is rooted in science.

"It's a chemical reaction and cooler temperatures slow down chemical reactions and it's all sort of combined together to give us a fantastic display this year," said Susan Rose, Horticulture Education Specialist at the CSU Extension in Grand Junction.

Rose says if you're considering purchasing a plant or tree to add fall color to your yard, then this is the time and the year to head to the nursery.

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