Weathering your wintertime workouts

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The first time you hit the sidewalk for a run after temperatures have dropped it may seem harder to work out for as long as you are used to because the cold air can feel constricting on your lungs according toe fitness experts. Pushing yourself when it's this cold outside can lead to serious consequences.

"You're just not going to get as good of a workout and you're more likely to tear a muscle because they're not warm enough," J.J. Johnson, Gold's Gym.

Bundling up before you go outside can help protect your body. Experts said your hands, feet and face are more vulnerable to frostbite than other parts of your body when outside so putting on a thick pair of gloves and socks and throwing on a hood will prevent injuries.

The best exercise to do outside is running because if you stay in one place for too long your body could cramp and you have a higher risk of tearing a muscle.

If the weather outside is too frightful for you, going to the gym is another option to stay active through these frosty days.

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