Fewer people are filing for unemployment

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Fewer people are filing for unemployment nationwide. In the past few weeks, new unemployment filings have dropped 13%.

The Mesa County Workforce said it's a good sign that the economy is picking up. Last month, 219 people filed for unemployment at the workforce center, a 50% decrease since 2009. Business Services Manager for the Mesa County Workforce Center, Suzie Miller, said, "We look at that as saying that we are at least moving in the right direction in terms of recovering from this recession."

However, the job hunt continues for many like Dick Antonio who just filed for unemployment at the Mesa County Workforce Center, Monday. He said, "I just left a driving job, a construction driving job, here in the valley, Parkinson Construction because of lack of work."

Antonio also said, "The holiday season certainly has pros and cons in terms of work opportunities."

Miller said seasonal jobs may play a role in the decrease of new employment filings. She said, "There's probably reasons... we see seasonal hiring in retail as kind of being the peak in this time. September and October... there's usually still ability to do some of those construction jobs."

Miller said over the years, new filings have decreased monthly, but the overall trend is staying the same. It picks up in December and peaks in January once seasonal work is over. "There people that tend to lighten up on their job search right around the holidays, they don't want to get a job right before. They want to be able to spend the holidays with their family," said Miller.

Antonio, "I'm seeking employment seriously and would be willing to start tomorrow if i could find something."

When January hits, the Miller said finding a job may be more difficult. Typically, it sees unemployment rise at the beginning of the year, despite the overall decrease.

"Along with myself, I might say there's a lot of qualified individuals available for jobs that would be opening up, especially during the first of the year," said Antonio.

So far, 58 people have filed for unemployment at the Mesa County Workforce Center this month. The Mesa County Workforce Center is anticipating an increase next month. It's typically when they have their largest job fair because employers are looking to hire for spring.

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