Unemployment benefits end Saturday

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MESA COUNY, Colo. Those that currently receive unemployment benefits will see that money expire, Saturday.

Finding a job has been a struggle for Sherly Olson who's been activily looking for 6 months. She depends on federal unemployment benefits as her main source of income. "My husband is disabled so we have little income coming in so we'd be looking at forclosure on our house or lack of groceries or unable to pay our bills... So it's very critical to get some kind of income", said Olson.

Olson was at the Mesa County Workforce Center, Friday, looking at her options since unemployement benefits nationwide will end Saturday. Olson said, "I need to figure out why i'm not getting any job offers, why i'm not even getting any phone calls and Michelle and I are going to go over my resume and see if theres anything wrong with it."

The Mesa County Workforce Center has been trying to help. They've called Olson and 800 others in Mesa County to warn them that their benefits will expire.

Sue Tuffin is the Director of the Mesa County Workforce Center. She said, "They need to come in and be activitly seeking work because they will not be any benefits. The average benefit nationwide is able $300 a week. The maxium is about $413. It's critial that these individuals get work."

Last year, unemployements benefits were set to end, but congress stepped in to expend them. This year, it's not the case.

As for Olson she's hoping the new year will bring a job and a sign from congress. "Please don't forget those of us that are unemployed and trying to find work and I really hope they consider us when they come back to congress in January," said Olson.

Nationwide, unemployement benefits will end for nearly 1.3 million people. The cut to this program will also impact more than 800,000 other workers who will run out of their state benefits in the first three months of the new year. If you're impacted by this statwide decrease in benefit, you should have already recieved a letter from the State of Colorado telling you about the change.

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