Tutoring outside the classroom

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. As colleges and university's push for stronger more driven students, parents are starting to get their kids extra academic support earlier.

A typical SAT tutoring session could easily cost $100 or more,but in Grand Junction, parents have several options that are more affordable.

The Riverside Educational Center charges for example, just a one time annual fee of $20 for help, they say can really make a difference.

"These are families that have a desire to want their kids to succeed, they love their kids," says Riverside Education Center Co-Executive Director and Volunteer Coordinator, Joy Hudak. "They want to make a difference they dont have a skill set or the financial money to go out into the community to provide these services for their kids."

Many of the Riverside Educational Center's students come from lower-income families who otherwise would not be able to afford outside help.

Right now they're looking for volunteers and say no experience in teaching is necessary, just contact the center for more information.

District 51 schools also provide other tutoring options for parents looking to boost their students' grades.

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